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Sunday, 13 May 2012

The end of Bloors and the beginning of Eastcourt

Morning all,
News first, Jimbo few out of his cage this morning and did a soft landing on the floor, the only trouble is he can't get back up yet. He can leap about 3 ft off of the floor and about 6 ft along. I have to put him back. The little devil hides under the chair now and runs away until he wants to go back. He must be a woman as he can't make up his mind.

I had a Jay on the bird table yesterday, the first for many years. No time to get the camera as he did not stay long.

The rest of Bloors Wharf and then my trip to Eastcourt Meadow.

Great Black Backed Gull
Not seen any for a while 

A Knot and a Gull


 Now yesterday afternoon I went up to Eastcourt Meadow which was a bit of a waste of time as it was too late in the day. I did get a few picture but most were deleted at first glance.

 The clouds did look nice so I got a few shots but that was not what I came for.

The old Waterloo 
 Clouds over the two PS's


Kingsnorth, look at the cloud

Moving on
Gulls feeding

That's it thanks for looking


  1. Well Trev, I am getting to know the names of these ere birds.

    That Shelduck refection is really good, he also has a bump on top of his bill like male Swans.

    See I am trying.

  2. Yup it just takes time and then you won't get it right all of the time

    But keep trying

  3. These shots are great Trev.. glad you are out and about lots now .... I ignored the PS and just looked at the beautiful clouds!
    Ooo Jimbo is getting brave... so are you with the 'must be a woman' remark!! But I love ya !

    E xx

  4. Oh I love it!

    Yes the clouds were great (:-)


Thanks You for your comment