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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Busy day

Hallo all, it has been a busy day but I think that the central heating it now sorted. My Heating engineer came just after 8 this morning and he removed a blockage by the pump. It seems that the header tank had some sludge in it that went down the top up pipe and blocked the pump. no water was being pushed round the system so no heat. Time over the next week will see.

After that and having to do some shopping I wanted to go out, it was then that there was a thunder storm. After the monsoon stopped I took these in the garden.


Different coloured Ladybird


Here by popular demand

Jimbo at home
That's all folks
Thanks for looking


  1. Well done on the heatiing and the photos. We missed the Monsoon

  2. It is all happening in your garden with all that "wildlife", love the roses and Jimbo of course.

  3. Fab pictures Trev Love the ladybirds and roses but the best, best, BEST one is ....drum roll...... JIMBO !!
    E xx

  4. He love posing for his picture. I let him out and he went round the room 5 times. The then started shouting at me.

  5. Yep, JIMBO is king. Poor Trev being shouted at.


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