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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Open flowers and things

Morning all, a little late today and the weather is no different to yesterday. I was going to try and go out early but I was late getting up. I still hope to get out but I thought that I would have another look round the garden. What difference two days has made. Some of the other Lilies are now out and so are some of the other plants.


This was awkward to get at and I almost has to stand on my head to get this shot, no joking! 

These two were easier to get at

I still have one more to flower and that is a lovely bronze colour

This one is on it's own 

No idea what this it and did not see the bee until I got
 it on the computer

Wildlife Pond
This was built in 1973. No fish just wildlife

Funny eyes
This plant is not out of focus it look like this all fuzzy.

Planter with Lilies
This planter only had one open flower when I put it up the other day.

White Rose
This has been one of the hardest pictures that I have ever taken. It is like taking a Coot coming towards you, the head blows. Still it did come out fairly well.

That's it thanks for looking


  1. Nice Set Trev.

    Update on computer, it went to sleep over lunch and woke up ok to post this comment. It usually shots down at this point so all ok at the moment.

  2. Another set of beauties.. love your pond Trev ... Ours is a bit 'bare' compared to yours but already it is soooooo interesting ... The birds in particular seem to use it as a meeting place as they bathe, drink and hunt the insects .. wish we had built one years ago! A joy to watch!
    Eileen x

  3. It was built 40 years ago but has been cleaned about 4 times in that time.
    Water skaters are good to watch with water boatman. Tadpoles in the spring and frogs in the summer.


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