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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Summer day

Hi All, Just carrying on from yesterday with my afternoon at Horrid Hill

There were a few Gulls about but birds with an attitude problem, a real problem!

The sky was open with good breaks in it and quite hot when they came across.

See what I mean telling everyone to clear off

Broken cloud

More sedate birds

On the island
Nice here wot

No hanging around

In the reeds

Enjoying the river
Well that's the last of these, I hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for looking


  1. Great set, I bet it was noisy down there.
    What was that one on the island, is it an Oyster Catcher?
    See the dog has taken a leaf out of Daisy's diary.

  2. Glad you could get out and about .. this summer !!!!! ???
    Lovely shots and those Gulls sure have attitude! Daisy and Holly love Horrid Hill ... loads of sniffs!!

  3. I have not got my nose that close to the ground Eileen. lol


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