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Monday, 24 September 2012

A good haf hour

Hi all
           It was a bad wet weekend so no pictures of the car show. It was good and I felt sorry for the organisers as they did a good job. Lots of people came along in the morning but 1300 it was cats and dogs.

We packed up and came home and that was it until Hastings on the 7th October.

Tonight I got the telescope out in the garden, a first for  a long while. I like the moon half full.

The blur is the wind blowing the telescope about. Remember the picture is upside down and east and west reversed

A bit better but still windy

The best of the night

Well that is all maybe I will get out again

Thanks for looking


  1. Great shots Trev, you are spurring my interest to get back into the hobby. With the long evening nights who knows. Must worship the sun first.

  2. Such a pity the car show was over taken by the rain, it was predicted but we all hoped they would be wrong, anyway well done on your moon shots. Brave man going out in the cold, I call that dedication. x

  3. Ooooooo more, more, more of these sort of shots please Trev ... clever, clever stuff and very interesting.
    Eileen xx

  4. Thanks all, I will try and see what can be done now that is gets dark early.

    I really do need to get the scope out but it is a ,pity that I don't have the equipment to take deep sky as they would be nice to look at.

    Never mind Saturn will be around before long and I will hear ooooh ahhh


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