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Friday, 15 February 2013

A cold trip to Bloors

 I managed to get out this afternoon, it was sunny and not too bad when I left home. I had looked up the tide table and things were just right to head to Bloors Wharf.

On arriving the wind was cold and the cloud had come over, this upset the light. This is of course typical of this time of the year. This time I had take the tripod and a powerful set of bin with me.

Collar up, zip up I headed to the riverbank. The water was about half tide so there was still a lot of mud with feeding birds, mainly Gulls.

 Setting up I go a few picture but fingers were so cold I put the camera down and set up the binoculars on the tripod. At least I could keep my hands in my pockets.

Sleeping Teals
There were lots of Teals out on the mud most were feeding 


None came closer than this

Oyster catcher

There weren't many of this but this one was not far out.


One of the best shots of the day

More Teals


Well there were other birds there but not close enough to use the camera but in the bins..

I saw only one Avocet, Red Shanks, Black tailed Godwit, Oyster  catchers, Shelducks and Gulls.

If it hadn't been for the wind I would have stayed longer but it was nice to get back to the car. I hope to try my luck somewhere else tomorrow.

Have fun thanks for looking.

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  1. Nice to see you back, like Teal shots best. Spring will soon be here and you can get out more. Nice to see you the other day.


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