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Thursday, 7 February 2013

back again

Hi All,
            Back again but not sure for how long. I will continue with the Eastcourt Meadow pictures from last time. That cold blowy day seems weeks ago now. Here goes!

Moose on the side of some of the trees


Waves on to the bank

The Waterloo

Count them

Hello Eileen copywrite M. Goodes

And last year
Just showing off

Sorry about these last two pictures it is just something Eileen said on another blog

Thanks for looking


  1. Mr Pastry's back again, that bloke gets everywhere.

    Nice to see you back Trev, the new you, I wonder what Eileen will say.
    44 birds ...

  2. Great blog post Trev.. super shots all the way!.
    Always enjoy your post but this one is very special indeed.. such a wonderful picture of you .. you look so well!!!! Smashing picture.
    Also love the shot of you and Mike together. Thanks Trev.
    what ever you are doing ... keep doing it !
    E xxxx

  3. PS Mike... Loads more than 44!!!
    E xx

  4. Thank you Eileen, it has been 7 months, ask Mike he will tell you
    I Have lost 34lbs in that time.

  5. You certainly look much better Mr Cannon, but OTL says you still look as ugly as ever!

    Luv, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

  6. That ok Daisy coz OTL hasn't looked in the mirror lately

    He's still as bald as a coot LOL


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