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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Chatham Historic Dockyard

Well Easter is over and done with for another year. This year was different as Martin, Stan and me went to the Historic Dockyard at Chatham for the Steam and Transport Exhibition. Martin was showing his 1968 Morris Minor. Well the weather was colder than Iceland with the wind from the Northeast. It was lucky that there were so many inside events or most would have gone home after an hour or so. Not us who are made of sturdier stuff.

After setting up the car and with a good while before the public would enter the three of us headed for the old ropery. This is still in use  and still make rope. It was working when we entered.

   This is one of the rope making machines that was being used in the 1800's.

The rope making building is a quarter of a mile long and they use bikes to get from one end to the other.

Looking down the where they wind the rope, you can't do justice to it with a camera

A rope winder, this one was in use

Pulling rope
The staff had gone for a tea break at this point.

Being worked

After this we went outside

Puffing Billy (Sydenham)

Dinky Toy

We never did found out what this was called or who made it. It was made in the USA which is all we found out.
 Martin having a look round.

HMS Cavalier

This was our highlight of the day. When I worked in HM Dockyard I went aboard her with my "skipper" to see some equipment back in 1960. I can't remember what for now.

Looking over her we came to the WT office and in their was three Radio Amateurs two who were operating GB4CAV and Brian who Martin knew. He told us  how they had restored the radio's and what some of the older equipment was. This must have taken 30 minutes or more but it was nice and warm in there. 

We came out and look round the rest of the ship that we could, when someone said hello, (Eileen do you remember David G1AOB?) it was him. So a cold chat on the upper deck.

I will leave this here for now and say thank for looking, more to come.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time, great pictures in the Ropery, glad you did not get too cold.
    Come in no39,wot a lovely automobile. Glad you got back into the Dockyard.

  2. Thanks Mike, it was a good day out as there were a number of the Morris Minor club members who were there.

  3. One of my very favourite places to visit, perhaps not on a cold day though, loved the memories of the old roppery and the photographs. Kayrole

  4. What a super post Trev... Smashing pictures and very interesting blog. ... I'm pleased you all managed to keep warm now and again ... No, Cannot place G1 AOB !!! where is he from Trev ...
    E xx

  5. He was a member the same time as a John Ryan Eileen. I have a picture of him from the rally this year I will try and put it up for you. I am sure you will remember him.

    If he in in my old club records I be able to get more info.


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