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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sunny Sunday

Morning All,

      Well Sunday was too nice to stay in so I thought I would have a trip to Mote Park. When I got there I could not find a parking place as everyone else had the same idea. I thought that I would come back home and have lunch and try somewhere else.

After lunch I headed for Motney Hill and RCP. In the car park was plenty of space, so no trouble parking. Walking out onto the riverbank I found out why, the wind nearly blew me off of my feet. I do find some shelter to take a few pictures but it was coming up for high water.

Curlew having a feed 

To show how windy it was this next picture is the what is left of the old warehouse foundations and is where water collects.

Water on land, look at the waves

Great Black Backed Gull

Black Headed Gull

That is it thanks for looking


  1. Such a shame about Mote Park, since they altered it seems to be less spaces.
    Great Curlew shot and the waves on the bank show how windy it was.

  2. Coe ... blimey Trev ... bit windy! Great shots tho ... well done!
    E xxx


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