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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

St Mary's Island

As Mike said him and me went for a very hot walk round the island this afternoon. I am now sun burnt on my face but not too bad.

 My first picture this afternoon came out well but the sky was that grey haze.

Upnor Castle
I think this is one of the best that I have taken as the light is in the right place.

As mike said we had this sort of game with the crane but there  was another one with a wind turbine, the trouble was it was really too far away to use more than a laugh. The crane Mike won.

I really could not get much closer

Then came the buoy

Make up your own mind who won

Kingswear Castle
 This was put in for Daisy


Then of course it would not be my blog if I did not put this in
They follow me everywhere
For Mike's sake I had a flying bird in one but I could not make out what it was.

The cloud did not come out well so I took these two tonight

Now off to bed

Night nite


  1. Trev please stop taking photos of my patch, grab your own neighbourhood!

    Good pics though
    Mike P

  2. Well done Trev, at least you got the Kingswere Castle, I had the wrong lens on and only got half of it. Gunboat shot had too much "junk" around it for my liking so I left it out. Anyway great fun we had, lets go there again and wind up Anonymous.

  3. You have a nice neck of the wood Mike P which is why we both come down that way.

    I hope that you had a good time and see you Saturday.

    You are right about the junk but I managed to cut out a lot by moving over. The side shoot was a lot cleaner. I was going to put the wind generator in but it was to far away. Yes Mike lives at the other end of the Island

  4. Super, super pictures Trev ... Daisy loved the boat photo ! but my fav was ....the PIGEON !!

  5. I did manage a bird in flight but as it was an accident it was too far out to put that picture in.

    I have not been anywhere today and glad that I stayed in this afternoon, 6.3mm of rain here.

  6. My machine registered 16.9mm yesterday Trev

  7. That was in just over half an hour Mike
    It was 16 something in the 24 hours.


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