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Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday the end of week

Well it is Friday and Friday is one day from the weekend. I try to keep things together by not working at the weekend. This is not always possible but most weekends it is. I was up early and once I got the papers and had breakfast I flew through the house with the cleaner. Work done and out of the way.

Next it is the weekly shop which normally takes less that an hour (unless I meet someone) and then home for a coffee. After put the shopping away I decide to do something about the reflection, so I moved the bird table. I now use a different window, no reflection but there is a net curtain that some times gets in the way. So now is the first time I have used this window and it is a lot better.

What is happening

I do like the way the seem to sit up when they are looking around

This is the first shot through the new site

Two Magpies
Look no reflections
I think this is the two Magpies that were around last Saturday as one is a baby and stays close to Mum.

They got up to some antics but mainly just feed

Feeding Magpies

A little dark in the background but you can see them

In the air
Darn it the curtain caught this one.
This one was throwing up grass by taking it in his beak and throwing  it up by jumping, hence he iis in the air

Baby all fat and flabby 
And here is Mum
After this there were only a few Doves and a Pigeon feeding and nothing much happening, maybe later.
Beak full
I am not sure what he has in his beak but it might be a Peanut

I think it has been too hot today as there has not been too many birds about.

If I get the telescope out later I may put up some more of the Moon
Too cloudy for telescopes and looks like rain all day Saturday

Have a good weekend

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