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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Northward Hill RSPB site

Well today was a club trip to Northward Hill Nature reserve. My Astronomy friends from MKAS had a "do" on with them this weekend. They put on a walk and we set up our solar telescopes.

They lead us round the reserve and explained what they do and how they have set up the site so they get different bird in different times of the year and in different places. It was not a long walk but a lot of up hill walking. It was too steep to be a relief coming down.

 On entering the reserve there is a hide where they have set up a few feeder so that you can watch birds feed. There were some Blue Tits feeding while we were there.

 I think there is a Blue Tit and a Coal Tit here

Just looking around

This was a hard shot to take.
I had to take an action shot.
I had to do some sharpening with this one because these birds move so fast.

We stopped off at one viewing point and in the distance I could see two swans. They were a long way away, so this is the best I could do.

Swans and Moorhen's I think but not sure from this distance

There was not much else to take pictures of  but on August 7th (Sunday) the have a fair on. I am waiting for details as MKAS is putting on a Solar stall. See the sun as you have never seen it before.

That is it, for now
Thanks to all readers, if you want more click on the Flickr link for my Photostream. 


  1. Thanks Trev .... Ken and I are often at Northwood Hill wiv the girls! (we have permission !) Holly and Daisy have to stay on their leads and with all the rabbits around that is fun!! Nice pictures Trev .... the black birds in the distance with the Swans are mostly Coots ....x

  2. Thank you Eileen, I don't think that I have seen a Coot so would not know it.

    On Sunday 7th August I shall be out there again but I don't have the the details yet. I am hoping to get them soon so that I can advertise the event along with the MKAS diary.

    Look out in the KM, Medway news and the free papers.


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