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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stand by for action

After dinner last night I went out in the garden and there were a lot of birds sitting around. I had to wait a while to get the following pictures, but first today my new feeder came.

New feeder
This I hope it is going to get some of the smaller birds to come to the garden

This is the one that I gave you a taster of last blog, it was aim and shoot.

Gull on the wing
 This was a lucky shot but it does show how fast the lens is.

Dove in flight
Why are they always going away from me

Fighting Doves.
I followed these two but they went behind a chimney out of sight.

The ISO was a bit high on the rest, it had come over cloudy and the lower ISO and speed were not working. There is noise in the background and that reflection is back.

My Blackbird decided to have another bath this afternoon, Oh boy does he go into one. Water every where and a very wet dickey bird at the end.  I still can't catch the fly off.

In I go

This feels good

Wow I will have to do this again.
As you can see from above my new feeder is in place. Late this afternoon I found this.

Two Goldfinches one eating sunflower seeds

This one had a feed before flying off
Well they know that the feeder is there.
Last one is of the sunset Saturday night
Sunset 2107

I am off to Northward Hill tomorrow, so I hope to bring some shots back but in case I kept some action shots back.

Have a good day. 


  1. Oh Trev ...really good pictures .... I am so glad the Goldfinches have found the Niger Feeder so quickly .... in the winter when breeding is over and they start to flock again( BTW a flock of Goldfinches is called a 'Charm' how lovely is that!) and food is scarce we get up to thirty in at the same time!! Lovely birds ... E xx

  2. Really nice series, well done Trev.

  3. I like the pictures as well, very good Trev and thanks for the info on Goldfinches, I didn't know that Eileen. Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow, I thought it was good but not that good. Thank you all.

    There must have been a lot who looked at this blog because the hits went up by around 15 in one day.


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