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Thursday, 21 July 2011

one of those days

The title says it all. It started out dull and overcast but dry. it seemed to pick up but no sun. There were a few birds around but not many.

After breakfast I cleaned up and moved the bird table, lots of dry or damp feed stuck to it. Washed out the feeder and refilled them. This helped but the least movement indoors sent them up into the trees (the birds that is).

 I manage to sneak a few odd pictures but it was hard work. My friendly Blackbird is still around but won't seem to come to the house to have his photo taken. There is a baby that does but after the first "ah" it is boring.

Lots of Doves and Pigeons but even they seemed nervous at me only crossing the room. I am a prisoner in my own home!

The Guardian has been here nearly all day but moves at warp factor 10 if I move about. The Magpie has been around but they have always been nervous birds.

Here is what I caught on camera today.

The Guardian is still watching

Two wet birds

A fat baby Blackbird

Trying to get a feed

Trying to hang on

I Have my feed

Guardian having a feed

And now the picture of the day

the fighters

Because of the light I was using a lowish speed (400) and just took a chance that this would come out. Lucky I think but I do like the shot.

See you all tomorrow, Trev


  1. Good shots, I do love the action birds, real movement you have caught them just right.

  2. Yep well done Trev, Great shots. Thanks for the birthday wish.

  3. Thank you both.
    You have to be fast with the shutter as they are off in a flash, or maybe that should be off in a shot... Hee He


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