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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Busy day

Oh what a day, First off I was having a cupboard moved in the kitchen this means clearing it out. Having moved the cupboard I had to put it all back. This took all morning.
Reflection are back, time of day.

Around 4:00PM the birds arrived

Push off
Dive, dive , dive

Clear off
I'm off

Then a couple of Magpies hung around for a while
Where is dinner
Scruffy bird
That was going to be it but I got the telescope out and got some clouds across the moon shots

Not too good but then the clouds got in the way.

That is it for today


  1. Hi Trev,Those fabulous shots keep appearing on your blog....It must be hard to get them just at the right time, but you seem to manage it.....
    The moon shots are awesome Trev !
    chris R

  2. The moon was covered with cloud. It cleared a bit and I got those shots, it then clouded over and I decided to take the telescope in. Guess what the cloud cleared. I can't set the scope up in the dark so i was jumping up and down.

    The in flight shots are a matter of just waiting, you turn your head on they are gone.


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