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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Misty Morning

G'day to you all, it was a misty morning across the river this morning, not too bad as it was clearing with the warm sunshine. As I walked along the bank I could see and hear loads of activity. There were a lot of different birds out on the mud and a few singing in the trees.

As I came up on the first bend out on the mud were two colony's of Gulls and closer in Red Shanks as well as Godwit's. I later spotted some Mallard's (asleep as all ways).

You 'ave bin framed

In flight

Dig deep
He had to really pull this one out

By this time I was up to Bloors Wharf and sitting on the rail was this Starling singing it's head off. I walked very slowly up and got real close to him before he was away.

Starling singing
I then made my way to the deep creek and on the way.

Oyster catchers taking off
Then as I was lining up another shot I spotted

Godwit's Feeding
.As I was here I took a shot of Horrid Hill this shows a little of the mist.

Horrid Hill in the mist

Dancing Red Shank

Thanks to Eileen for identify this bird

Mallards asleep as always
I now decided to make my way back to the car as it was getting hot and I wanted to get a drink.
A slow walk back to the car passing some friendly dog walkers along the way.
I was hoping to see that Robin but no, I do come across this Crow on the shoreline.

This bird had attitude as all he was doing was shouting 

This is the first time I have captured a Crow in flight 


Seed pods 

That was it for today, I may not get out tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you had a good day, nice Starling.

    I stayed in as the bathroom ceiling was being done so no blog.

    Had a good day with Ken and Heather

  2. Love the starling Trev ... great shot.
    Your stuff gets better and better.

    The ? bird is a Lapwing Trev ..... :)

    E xxxx

  3. Thanks Eileen, that is why it was not quite the same.

    It looks like I will get out today but high water is about twoish, I will have to wait and see.

  4. Hi Trev, love the starling shot.....the weather is kind to us at the moment !!!
    Chris R

  5. You'r catching up, nearly there!


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