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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Monday Afternoon at Horrid Hill

Hi All, it's a bit hectic here as I have the computer room stripped down and I am working with my Laptop. It has a horrible k/board compared to the main computer. Please forgive any typing errors that I don't spot.

After lunch Monday I drove to Riverside Country Park and there by the shoreline was a RSPB stand. On it were two members from MKAS, so I stop to have a chat. They had seen a few waders but they had moved out as the water dropped. I decided to walk out to Horrid Hill where there was a better chance of seeing them.

Now I must be lucky because out there were Ducks, Geese, Oyster Catchers, Cormorants   and Gull (some with an attitude problem). I must say the the birds were a way out but some were just close enough. The wind was strong and I was getting blown about .

Oyster Catcher

There were a lot of these. I never saw any Red Shanks.

I think these are Barnacle Goose 
I an not sure if this is right 

More if it helps


This is the fight of Horrid Hill
These two birds were having a good old ding dong when on got hold of a small crab. Look at his head

Give it to me
I'm off

That is it. Tomorrow Cormorants and more Gulls


  1. Well done that man with only a laptop. I see the images now show the original, is that new??

  2. All your birdy pictures are so interesting Trev... I love your captions lol Great shots on this post ...Don't work too hard at home. xxx


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