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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Alington Lock Malta Inn

Hi all, well that is where Mike and I ended up just before dusk this afternoon. I was windy and the light was fading. We walked the bank of the Medway up and across the lock.

The weir
 Walking down river to the lock

Mike crossing the lock

Raging bubbling water

View down river

Open lock
Medway low water

Up river
Plenty of water

Lock keeper
Across the other side Mike found these

Neck and neck
Talk about tame the came right up to us, Mike has some real close-ups

Back across the lock

Stand by Daisy and Holly

A pirate boat
Least that's what I think it looks light.

Then as the sun goes down!

The darkening sky

That is it, have fun and thanks for looking.


  1. This is something new Trev ... I enjoyed looking at these shots.... I used to visit here a lot years ago ... liked the Malta Inn for our company christmas parties .... fun times! xx

  2. Mike and I were running out of time so the Malta seemed the best place for parking. This turned out to be true as we almost had the place to our selves

  3. Yes it is getting the right sky and the reflection of the light off of the cloud that makes the picture.

    No Blog today as i have been busy.

  4. Hi Trev, sorry lagging behind with christmas looming ! love the 'neck and neck' shot !
    chris and dave R

  5. Oh MY GAWD!!! Blue is the colour........!

  6. Perhaps he supports the Gills..............!

  7. Up the Gills

    Blue is the colour, football is the game...

    It stands out


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