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Friday, 30 December 2011

Eastcourt Meadow

Hi All
       Well I manage to get out after I did my Friday shopping. There was no sun and the light was not that good. ISO went up to 800 and the speed never got above 500. Most were taken at F7 or F8.

Before that, when I got up this morning I looked out to see this.

Sunrise East

Sunrise South
As you can see it was still dark but getting light towards the South-east

Later I went shopping and took the camera with me just in case I could go and take a few shots.

I ended up at Sharps Green car park and walk out along Eastcourt Meadow which is part of Riverside Country Park.. It was almost low water but the two old PS's stood out like.......

Grain PS

Kingsnorth PS
Right no more PS's today. 

Walking along the shore line there were some Red Shanks feeding as well as Teal's. BUT

These three were taken as I got out of the car. I almost had a Magpie in plight but the slow speed meant it was deleted.

Gull in Car park


Post in car park
Moving on along the bank.

Red Shank

I was just about to photography these when they took off

Teal's taking off

Almost in flight

Red Shank

After this I returned to the car, but on my walk I met a lot of friendly people all keeping their dogs under control. Not one went down the bank to disturb the wildlife.

That is it a better day that I had hoped for.

Have fun thank's for looking.


  1. Lovely sunsets and the Teals taking off. You will be in the naughty corner in the morning when Eileen sees the PS's lol

  2. Mmmmm..... I think Mike should be in the naughty as well Trev.... he does not read your blog properly!! lol Sunrise Mike not Sunsets.... I love the pictures and on this occasion I will overlook the postings of the PS picture !! Happy New Year Trev xxx

  3. Hi Trev, nice to be back......lovely sunrises!
    Happy new year to you.
    chris and Dave R

  4. I agree with Eileen naughty corner for you Mike.
    But as you gave such an account of the Anchor pub I will let you off this time

    Happy New Year to all.

    Nice to see you have the computer sorted Chris


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