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Monday, 9 July 2012


Morning all, well the weather was on and off yesterday so I stayed in. On one trip out into the garden I noticed that one of my Lilies was in flower in the planter. Looking round I found a few more in bloom.

The first one in the planter
Over in the boarder where most of them are planted I found one batch in flower (there are five varieties in the bed), one down four to go.

Then I spotted a Rose in bloom.

Centre of the bloom
This is a short blog today but the weather doesn't look good for getting out this week.

Thank's for looking see you soon.


  1. Well that blog certainly brightens the day up.

    First one my favourite.

  2. Thanks Mike, they do look nice when they first come out

  3. Oh yes.. I so agree with Mike. A lovely post with gorgeous pictures of wonderful flowers to brighten up all the gloom ... Nice one Trev! Love to Jimbo
    Eileen xxx

  4. well done Trev, the PSU is now in the machine, fingers crossed.


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