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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tree's and four legged friend's

Morning All,

 As you will have seen from Mike blog it was Wednesday and that meant taking Daisy back to Ashford. Having done this it was round to the chuck wagon to fill us up and the off the Hothfield Heathland for what turned out to be and adrenaline pumping afternoon.

As Mike said we left  Sue in the car and started our walk into the unknown. Now a lot of the trees are on the side, I think a lot were blown over in th 87 storm. but where the roots have stayed in the ground have kept growing.

On it's side and still growing

Same tree close up
We then come to a clearing across the heath and with a nice blue sky.

Into the clearing

Unusual tree 
Somewhere around this point we found two of the KWT rangers and asked where the longhorns were and they told us where to find them. It was a long walk but worth every step of it. We seemed to have walked miles and when we found them at the other end of the field cries of "why can't we get nearer" as there was a locked gate to the field. We took a few long range shot but were unhappy with them.

Herd in the distance

We then walked following the fence when we found a gate that followed the trail that we were on. This entered the field where the cattle were. We walked to the end of the field and there were the Longhorns about 200 yds away grazing a way not taking any notice of us.


More grazing
 Then they started to come towards us. I took no notice at this point and carried on snapping away. Now there has to be a point in one's life when this happens.when you have to retreat, this was mine

Four tons of Sunday lunch
Sunday lunch is coming towards me. I thought that if I got behind the gate is would help, no way.

Am I going to be their dinner
 All this time Mike was out in among them snapping away and in a rush his battery went flat. This was when one of them came towards him. He rushed to change the battery before one stood on his camera.

Who is rounding who up
 By the looks of things all of the horses seemed to be in foal 

Got anything to eat

Horses in the same field herding us and this is one picture that I really liked, he was close enough to stroke his nose.

Do you like having your picture taken

More horses

That is it as this is getting too long and I will put others up some other time.

The walk was a long one maybe three miles and by the time we got home both of us were whacked out.

Have fun, thanks for looking


  1. Good man getting me in the picture. Really enjoyed the day,like the close up best.

  2. I have printed off three of the pictures as the looked great.

  3. Oh Trev ... all these pictures are just wonderful .. I like the twisted tree! and The horses are beautiful .... both you and Mike did a brill job... well worth the effort of a long walk lol! Super stuff :) xxxxx

  4. Trev ... have a word wiv Mike about wearing a RED coat on a nature walk ! Bad news if you want to see wild life .... good for power stations and fungi lol

  5. Smashing post Trev.....nice to see some four legged friends......or foe if they're charging at you.....great stuff !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  6. Bah humbug got to wear my RED coat as it's nearly Christmas.

  7. Well they were all females so don't worry about Mike. But they do like to step on cameras LOL


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